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It was two decades ago when Dr. Merito Yuvienco, an Ortho Surgeon bought a few hectares of agricultural land in the verdant hills of Talamban to fulfill his dream of farm life, raising cows and planting fruit trees.

Now, the farm is a successful dairy venture nurturing 300 heads and producing fresh milk.


In the real sense of the word FRESH, Minerva Yuvienco, his daughter has taken the reigns to turn the business into a successful one. Her unrelenting passion in serving the potential huge market of fresh milk in the Visayas will eventually prop up the dairy industry.

Now, the farm has its own grazing field for cows to have access to fresh forage daily located in the verdant hills of Carmen, Cebu.



To serve the need for good quality and nutritious fresh milk in Visayas thereby helping the dairy industry survive in the agricultural sector.

To prosper the lives of employees and the community.


A profitable and growing dairy farm enriching the consumers and the community with all possibilities through the dairy industry. 


Our Holstein and Jersey grass-fed cows are known for their ability to produce high-quality milk. With our local farmers, we plant our own feed for the cows and in order to provide them with nutritious grasses, we plant Molato II, Mombasa Guinea, and Pakchong Napier fertilized with organic manure and Vermicast.

Our Story

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