100% Natural

Unadulterated Fresh Milk

From Grass-fed Cows

Fed and grazed with fresh grasses

Good Quality Taste

Rich and Creamy Delicious Milk

Farm Fresh

Our farm is just hours away from your home

Pasteurized and 


Farm Fresh

Our farm is just hours away from your home

FDA Approved

Yuvienco Dairy Farm cows are fed and grazed in pasture year-round for it improves the quality of cow's milk. We make sure our cows are fed fresh forage daily for higher levels of health benefits on their milk.

Our automatic milking machine extracts milk from cows. Verdant Hills Fresh Milk is free from human-touch giving you a clean and good quality milk.

Fresh extracted raw milk proceeds directly to Yuvienco Dairy Farms Milk Processing Plant where it undergoes Pasteurization and Homogenization Process before proceeds to bottling and labeling. No additives and preservatives added. Purely cow's milk.

On the same day from extracting and processing milk, Verdant Hills Fresh Milk is delivered in your nearest supermarkets or in your home. Literally you can taste its farm-fresh goodness. Proud local product of Cebu.

YDF Milking Parlor

YDF Milk Processing Plant